Software developer, UI designer, published technical author, public speaker with 20 years’ experience. Work has been cited, reviewed, and favorably mentioned by a variety of print and web publishers, including those in the scientific community. Focused on the design and development of applications for macOS and iOS. Building Cocoa applications since the initial release of Mac OS X 10.0.


macOS / Mac OS X • iOS • Xcode • Objective-C • Swift • Cocoa


Career History

Sketch B.V. – The Netherlands

Software Developer (Remote)
SEp, 2019 – Present
  • Support and improve the Sketch macOS app as part of a large international team
  • Improve and maintain automated testing

National Institutes of Health, NIAID – Bethesda, MD

Senior Software Developer (Remote)
Jun, 2011 – SEP, 2019
  • Reported directly to Senior Investigator of Immunotechnology Section at Vaccine Research Center
  • Released SPICE 6 with many new features, faster computation, and capability of handling vastly larger data sets by judicious use of “dropping to C” when Cocoa frameworks were non-performant
  • Continued to support and improve SPICE 5 while designing and building next version
  • Overhauled Pestle v1 (Sr. Investigator’s Carbon version of app for manipulating, merging, and performing functions on plaintext tables to import data from FlowJo to SPICE) with simpler UX and released as v2, avoiding impending 32-bit application death of vital tool
  • Built server-side registration, usage tracking component for SPICE 6 and Pestle 2
  • Wrote extensive user manuals for both applications
  • Coauthored scientific paper on the use of SPICE in research, since cited hundreds of times by researchers worldwide
Senior Scientific System Analyst / Senior Software Developer
April, 2007 – May, 2011
  • Reported to head of Bioinformatics and Computational Biosciences Branch (BCBB)
  • Overhauled SPICE 4 (a Carbon version of a Mac OS X bioinformatics data mining and visualization application for the Vaccine Research Center) as an Objective-C / Cocoa application released as SPICE 5
  • Wrote extensive user manual for SPICE
  • Built server-side registration, usage tracking component for SPICE
  • Supported teams of two internal projects (FERMS and PaVE) as user experience / user interface designer
  • Mentored High School intern aspiring to become a developer
  • Earned NIAID CIO award in 2008 for SPICE, and in 2009 for FERMS and PaVE
  • Gave numerous talks and presentations on new technologies relevant to BCBB developers, and product planning and design processes

Peachpit Press (Pearson Education) – Berkeley, CA

Author (Remote)
Oct, 2010 – Aug, 2011
  • Wrote Mastering Xcode 4: Develop and Design, an intermediate-level book about version 4 of Apple’s IDE
  • Reported to a Senior Editor at Peachpit
  • Drafted and submitted proposal for outline, page count, and timetables
  • Worked with editing and design team to meet established goals
  • Released book to excellent reviews (4.0-4.5 / 5 stars on Amazon, Apple Books, and more)
  • Accepted several speaking engagements to promote the book by discussing its topic at user groups, conferences, and on a popular podcast
  • Later contributed to updating the work for a second edition released in 2013

Bartas Technologies

Sole Proprietor / Independent Developer
Jun, 2002 – APR, 2020
  • Created Bartas Technologies as independent software developer after dedicating many hours to learning Cocoa and Objective-C on Mac OS X
  • Released series of successful, award-winning titles (CopyWrite v1-2, Transcriva, v1-2, Temporis, XTabulator, v1-2, and Ziplight)
  • Built and maintained website, marketing, product lifecycle planning, and technical support
  • Featured and reviewed in top publications such as the New York Times, MacWorld Magazine, Apple’s Staff Picks, and more

Franklin County Career & Technology Center – Chambersburg, PA

Adult Education Instructor
Summers of 1996 & 1997
  • High School student attending the school by day, adult education program instructor by night
  • Designed and led “Hands-On Internet” and “Introduction to Personal Computers” evening courses for working adults with little to no computer experience

Various Companies – PA, MD, DC, VA

IT Manager / Network Engineer / Rogue Developer
1996 – 2007
  • Worked in IT departments of variety of industries such as manufacturing, engineering, technical consulting, and finance
  • Designed and maintained network and telecoms infrastructure for Fortune 500 businesses
  • Designed and built intranet and public web sites for various employers
  • Designed public touch-screen ATM and member services kiosk for a medium-sized credit union
  • Replaced expensive outsourced services with cheaper, in-house solutions
  • Mentored young professional entering the workforce
  • Wrote hundreds of pages of illustrated internal process manuals for employees and septuagenarian board members
  • Wore nearly every hat in the IT industry prior to becoming a full-time software developer

Speaking Engagements

  • Jan 15, 2020: Working Together, CLT Sketch Meetup (Charlotte, NC)
  • Jun 29, 2017: The Hackintosh, CocoaHeads Group (Raleigh, NC)
  • Dec 01, 2012: Xcode 4, CocoaConf (Raleigh, NC)
  • Nov 28, 2011: Xcode 4, Part 2/2, iDeveloper Live Podcast, Episode 35
  • Nov 21, 2011: Xcode 4, Part 1/2, iDeveloper Live Podcast, Episode 34
  • Nov 02, 2011: Xcode 4, CocoaHeads Group (Washington, DC)


It is my pleasure to provide a strong letter of recommendation for Josh. I have known and employed Josh for 12 years. He has been a consummate programmer, both for the UI design elements, as well as the implementation side. In addition, his support of customers has been outstanding. Indeed, his contributions resulted in a scientific publication that detailed the program he helped develop. I hired Josh to write two different applications, SPICE and Pestle. Josh’s expertise in UI/UX was highly evident throughout this process. He developed a modern Mac UI that users could quickly grasp and work with. Particularly with SPICE, for which the analyses can be very sophisticated, this became paramount. Josh is an outstanding programmer, who excels in UI/UX design and implementation. He is certainly very clever, inquisitive, and is an excellent resource. He is someone who interacts extremely well with users and engineers alike, and I am sure he will enable any programming effort synergistically.

Dr. Mario Roederer, 2019

Josh is one of the best developers I have ever worked with. He is truly interested in software development and is keen on expanding his skill set in Objective C and Xcode. He is fast in understanding complicated system and is able to contribute unique ideas in system design and implementation. Besides technology, he is also interested in identifying and utilizing best practices in software development. Josh also likes to work with other developers and share his knowledge with others. He has strong communication skills and a good sense of humor.

Dr. Yongjian Guo, 2010

I hired Josh as a software developer for a very challenging scientific project. Josh was able to acquire the complex subject matter knowledge in a very short time and used his critical thinking and outstanding technical skills to deliver a very high quality product. Josh works well with his peers, is always ready to lend a helping hand and contribute his knowledge, and has forged very solid relationships with our scientific community.

Dr. Stephan Bour, 2009

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  • References and downloadable resume in various formats available upon request.