Mine: Staying on top of things and sending helpful tidbits of information to keep things moving along, eventually checking in on the welfare of my associates after a reasonable amount of time has passed between messages. Theirs: Me obsessively e-mailing,… Continue Reading


It’s been a month since I lost my oldest cat, Cara. I rescued her when she was a very small palm-sized kitten, her little flagpole tail sticking up everywhere she ran. She nearly died then due to an upper respiratory… Continue Reading

Nib Segregation

Conventional Cocoa wisdom holds that each window in an application should be in its own nib/xib file. The benefits are shorter launch times, better memory usage, and better Xcode project organization. Conventional wisdom is always right … right? We cynics know… Continue Reading

Love Meeeee!

My friend @tristanx pointed out an interesting, if random, blog post. He’s good at this. It was titled How I Botched A Budding E-Romance. It was a thoughtful admission of a regrettable mistake on the part of Stephanie (the author).… Continue Reading