I’ve been gone awhile. A lot has happened. A lot continues to happen. I’ll write about it eventually, but for the next little while I’ll work toward getting some of the useful content from my (purposefully shuttered) previous site but in the meantime, I’ll let this post stand as a marker, delineating the break in my over-year-long disappearance from the Web. See you all in a bit. In the meantime, I’ve been back on Twitter for awhile. Stalk me there.

Mine: Staying on top of things and sending helpful tidbits of information to keep things moving along, eventually checking in on the welfare of my associates after a reasonable amount of time has passed between messages.

Theirs: Me obsessively e-mailing, calling, sending random, unrequested scraps of information, eventually tracking down home addresses, knocking on doors, windows, letting myself in and waiting in the living room chair in the dark…

Given the cyclical nature of technological advancements, I feel a new phrase will need coining. We’ve seen the movement between terminal/mainframe to standalone, then back again (this time, called “thin clients”), then back again, then back again (this time, called “the Cloud”).

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Apple capitulated* to more than 140,000 people who signed an online petition to remove a “Gay Cure” application from their App Store. While the ignorance of those who attempt to “cure” homosexuality still astounds me, I admit I have mixed feelings about Apple’s actions and wonder if a small adjustment might get them out of their current “Moral Police” predicament.

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Another quick Xcode debugging tip: If you experience “orange breakpoints” when debugging and have verified you’re in debug mode, and have cleaned and rebuilt your target to no avail, try disabling “Load Symbols Lazily” in Xcode’s Debugging preferences panel.

Okay, enough is enough. Everywhere I read people discussing the iPhone 4 signal loss issue (by cradling the phone in the palm of the left hand), people imply it’s not objectively measurable, or it’s entirely nonexistent. It reminds me of the original MacBook Pro processor whine issue: “the only whine I hear is the people who think this is a real problem.” Right. We’re all morons.

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