Hey Siri

There’s been a lot of angry chatter about our digital assistants responding to commercials lately. A commercial saying, “Hey Siri” or “Okay Google” or “Alexa” invokes our now-omni-present “friends”. Many of these scenarios can be avoided due to foreknowledge that… Continue Reading

Enter Hackintosh

Given Apple’s obvious lack of Mac updates, it’s no surprise a lot of professionals (developers in particular) are looking into building their own Hackintosh. I’m one of them.


Sure, God commanded us to obey the laws of the land, but surely he didn’t mean this! Ultraconservatives Such statements from ultra-conservatives can mean only one thing: God didn’t foresee the current state of affairs, so God misspoke. Surely, then,… Continue Reading


I’ve been watching the recent discussion of (and revelations about) the state of the online ad industry lately. It’s clearly out of control. We know ad revenue is the only source of income for many of the sites that provide… Continue Reading


It’s rare these days that I encounter an app with a user interface that surprises and delights me. I encountered one such app this morning called Gestimer, written by Martin Nguyen ( @imaddin ).

Hold The Mayo

Heinz (the ketchup people) got in trouble when a QR code on their label directed a man to a hard-core porn site. Apparently the promotional campaign had ended and the associated domain expired. Meh. It would’ve been funnier had the… Continue Reading