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ObjC/Swift appmaker, tech author, amateur radio operator, cat lover. Software engineer and general troublemaker at a popular design app company. Gay-married (not to a cat). Northern-aggressing into the South. Sometimes doubts your commitment to Sparkle Motion. The power of Swift compiles you! Also, dirty jokes.

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Contact me if you’d like my full resume. I don’t keep LinkedIn updated as I should.

I’ve got more than 20 years of experience writing award-winning apps for macOS and nearly 30 noodling around with websites and backends. My primary languages are Objective-C, Swift, and Python.

I currently (since 2019) work as a software engineer for Sketch (opinions expressed on this site are my own, etc. etc.). I’m currently studying Amazon AWS and working toward becoming a Certified AWS Solutions Architect for fun. In fact this site is generated by Hugo running on AWS Amplify / Route 53!

My past positions have included:

  • Self-employed sole proprietor (indie dev) selling award-winning shareware apps
  • Senior Bioinformatics Software Engineer for the National Institutes of Health (in the Vaccine Research Center)
  • Network Engineer / IT Manager
  • Software Engineer and Web Developer for a credit union, working on turn-of-the-century interactive kiosk systems
  • Adult education technology instructor
  • Technical author (I wrote Mastering Xcode 4).

I currently maintain an LLC for freelance work called Gatera Software, though I’ve not been active with it for some time.

See my Portfolio for details about my work.

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