Thanks for Ziplight

A rather nice e-mail arrived in my Inbox this morning from a gentleman who used my Ziplight Spotlight plugin well past its prime.

It makes me happy to see someone still had a use for it well after it became unnecessary. Old apps and plugins so often fade quietly into history…

“Chris” writes:

…I noticed you’re the ziplight developer, so I just wanted to thank you for it, and share my story; since I suspect I’m the only man who used Ziplight on Snow Leopard.

I was searching for a solution to tagging comic files (just renamed zips) without using spotlight comments, and then I thought of a slightly ghetto method using file names. So I took ziplight and swapped in the UTI I needed.

Since I was a late comer to Lion, that act got me an extra 2 years of life out of Ziplight.

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