More Personal

I’ve been making a lot of personal posts lately. I have another. You might have noticed my presence online has been somewhat subdued lately. It’s no single reason; it’s a number of them altogether. My sister lost her (very sweet) cat to cancer. My own cat had a lump that was removed – she’ll be fine (but she is an old lady and still has old lady issues). The problems didn’t stop at pets, though.

One of my sisters has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She’s a mother of two in her thirties. It’s not mild but fortunately it’s not end-stage-severe. We’re all still reeling. Just a few months ago, her youngest daughter had a seizure. Looking back, it’d been going on awhile but this one was bad. She’s now on medication, probably until her adult years.

Another sister (mother of three) was very likely misdiagnosed with MS a few years ago but her latest doctor – who is angry at the previous “diagnosis” – is now thinking syringomyelia but a lot more testing is necessary. There are definitely cysts on her spine (thus the earlier diagnosis) and the kinds of problems that go with them. We’re still waiting to know more.

As if this wasn’t enough the sister I just mentioned has a fourteen-year-old son. He’d been having odd problems for quite some time now. I’ll skip the details, but it’s now confirmed: he has a form of lymphatic cancer. He’ll have a catheter inserted tomorrow so he can begin chemotherapy. At 14. Fortunately, this form has an 80% recovery chance (which I think is higher since he’s so young and it was caught so early).

But wait, there’s more. An uncle on my father’s side was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. It has progressed enough that it’s now in his bones. I don’t know much more than that.

A familiar problem we thought we’d solved popped up as well – Matt’s ongoing sleeping problems have resurfaced with a vengeance and it looks like it’s back to obstructive sleep apnea (for which he’d previously had a positive sleep study and painful operation to correct). We’re exploring next steps but for now, it’s back to the problems associated with lack of oxygen while sleeping many times per night.

How are we taking this all? Well, we’re all alternating between grieving and laughing together. It’s our way. I’m personally bouncing between optimistic and focused (throwing my energy into work) and depressed and crying. It’s a lot to deal with but that’s what’s going on with me right now.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers (just because I’m areligious doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the latter). A special thanks to those of you who’ve sent me words of support over the last few weeks as some of this came to light. Truly: thank you.

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