Back when I was a young, pimply geek, I trashed Apple like it was going out of style. Little did I know it would. Crapple. Crapintosh. MacIntrash. I’ve used them all. It wasn’t until 2000 (after falling in love with Linux) that I discovered a modern Unix with a unified UI. A Mac I liked. A Mac that ran Unix.

From that moment forward, I kicked my hobbyist-level programing dalliances into high gear to become, a decade later, a damn good Cocoa developer 100% devoted to the Apple ecosystem. 100% of my income is due to my Cocoa and Xcode knowledge and I’m much happier than I was as a network engineer – even as IT Manager.

Steve Jobs started something. Then he was booted out of it. It suffered. He came back. In less than 15 years, it rocketed to the top of many lists that matter. Steve’s leadership made my career and success possible. Would I have found it otherwise? Possibly – I’m a very driven person – but “possibly” didn’t happen. Steve and Apple did. So I am where I am now because of it.

Thanks, Steve, for positively affecting my life.

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