Swipe Gestures in Mobile Safari

It’s been eight months since I griped about a lack of a swipe-to-navigate gesture in Mobile Safari. There’s still been no progress, despite iOS 4 having come out since then. I think I have the reason why and a compromise. The basic problem is that web pages can be horizontally scrolled. The deeper problem, I suspect, may be “not invented here syndrome” on Apple’s part.

The simplest solution is the brilliant drag-to-update metaphor introduced in Tweetie (now Twitter for iPhone). If I drag left and I’m already as left as I can possibly be, show me a visual indicator that I’m about to navigate backward. Same story for the right side of the page.

It makes perfect sense, so where is it, Apple? Do you hate it because it wasn’t your invention? Come, now. Good ideas can be pilfered!

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