My XM Radio Experience

Back in September I bought a nicely-loaded Nissan Rogue. It came with XM Radio built in with a 3-month trial subscription to their programming and their traffic reporting system. I listened. Meh, I suppose it’s alright. The traffic report? Only a few major highways show information and it’s never up to date. Then the end of the trial period neared. That’s really where the trouble began. If you want the gory details, read on. Otherwise, here’s the verdict: run the fuck away.

On December 15, after a week of calls from XM that I didn’t take, I finally decided to answer and let them know I wouldn’t be signing up for a paid account – I didn’t think the service was worth the money. The rep was very friendly and offered me 6 months at $4 per month, after which time it would go back to full price. I thought “what the hell?” and said as much. He charged me about $33 that day and I considered the matter closed.

Tonight, December 22, I received another call from XM. They wanted to know if I wanted to sign up for a paid account, that my trial period was ending in the beginning of January.

Uh … what?

I explained what had occurred on the 15th. He said the money had been refunded because I called in and cancelled. “I cancelled the subscription that didn’t exist until I paid you to start it on the day you say I cancelled?”

“Yes,” he replied. “You were going to call back in with a payment for your service.”

“What? First, I never called and cancelled – that was the same day I agreed to continue service for six months. Second, why would I be expected to call back in with a payment for service when you refunded my money for supposedly canceling?”

He typed and typed. Nothing intelligible for fully a minute. “Hello?”

“Please wait one moment, sir.”

I then asked what about the six months at a reduced rate. He very politically disavowed any knowledge of such an offer.

“Okay, let’s just get a supervisor on the phone. Something weird is going on and I don’t think we’re getting anywhere here.”

I’m placed on hold for a supervisor. Ten minutes go by before I arrived at the house. I hung up so I could carry stuff and get into the house. Annoyed, I called back, gave a very brief run-down of the odd happening and unsatisfactory call with the other guy, then asked if I could please speak to a supervisor now, without any more delay.

He kept insisting that I explain everything again so he could help me. I kept insisting on speaking to a supervisor. When he finally relented, I sat on hold for twenty-five minutes this time before hanging up.

I’ve just filed a detailed complaint with the local Better Business Bureau.

I have no patience for incompetence, no tolerance for shitty customer service, and that goes double for services I feel lukewarm about to begin with. They won me over initially into signing on for awhile. I might’ve continued if I found more content I liked. With this experience, however, they’ve guaranteed I’ll never do business with them again.

Wish I could remove the XM button from my system or reprogram it to do something more useful…

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