My Mac App Store Idea

A brief tweet to Drew McCormack finally gave me my first Mac App Store idea. Read on for the great reveal.

Lamp App In Full Screen Mode

The (iOS) App Store’s flashlight app market has already been saturated. Now with the iPhone 4′s built-in LED camera light, the paid updates for the new flashlight features have milked that market dry. So what’s my ground-breaking idea that will mirror the mobile market’s success? We think you’re going to love it. I mean *I *think you’re going to love it.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet

1.0 Features

  • Full-screen mode
  • Brightness control
  • Automatic power-save mode
  • Choice of colors (white shown)

Planned Features

  • In-app purchases for a variety of lamp shades (with thanks to @dunk for the idea)
  • Emergency Road Beacon (laptops only)
  • Clock and weather (additional in-app purchase)


Available soon from the Mac App Store for just $9.99, you lucky, lucky bastards!

Secret built-in tethering* not included.*

*Note to fellow devs: Yes, I **did** reserve “Lamp” in the MAS. Just to be a dick *

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