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Now that contractual matters are settled and I’m finishing up the first chapter, I can finally announce my good news. Drumroll, please. I’m writing a book on the up-coming Xcode 4 for Peachpit Press. Yay!

Awhile back, Duncan Campbell asked Twitter if anyone was interested in writing a book on iPhone development or using Xcode (to paraphrase). Duncan has a few books out via Peachpit. I had been thinking about writing Cocoa-related books for the last couple of years but shelved the idea – pun most certainly intended. Self-publishing wasn’t a very attractive option to me because of the time and resources it would take to market it properly. Cut to present (with my thanks to Duncan and Cliff) and it’s now official.

– girlie squeal of excitement –

I’ll leave the details for later but I thought I’d share the title I selected: A One-Night Stand with Xcode 4: Sure it LOOKS clean, but how well do you really know it?

Now I’ll share the actual title kicked back and forth between Peachpit’s marketing team, Cliff, and myself: Develop Apps with Xcode 4: Use Apple’s development tools to start writing iOS and Mac OS applications

It’s just as verbose but not nearly STD-related enough for my tastes. C’est la vie.

It turns out giving a technical book a good title is rather difficult. As any blogger who reads blogs by bloggers who blog about effective blogging knows, titles and summaries should be search-engine-friendly in addition to being well-focused (and ideally with a call to action). All the titles I could think of were shaded by all the popular “series” action phrases like “jump into” and “teach yourself.” I am dutifully ashamed. I trust Peachpit’s marketing team over my own smart ass any day.

Runners up were Xcode 4: The Book, Bob: The Xcode 4 Book, and so on.

I’m already off to a good start and look forward to gaining a following of millions of Xcode 4 minions by second quarter of 2011.

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