Rally to Restore Sanity vs. March to Keep Fear Alive

I’ve been reading about John Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity vs. March to Keep Fear Alive. The way Stewart sold it is from the angle of “they shout loud but we have shit to do” (to paraphrase). I wanted to expand on that because it touches on a post I made more than a year ago.

In August of ’09, I responded to Barney Frank’s bitch-slapping of an idiot at a town hall meeting. He compared her intelligence to that of a dining room table, if I recall. I said it then and I’ll say it again: Well done.

In my response, I said:

These people … have no problem whatsoever lobbing strong, hateful missiles to promote their views. Why the hell shouldn’t we respond just as strongly?

The point I was trying to get across, now that I’ve had a year to think about it (and John Stewart’s recent weigh-in on the matter) is this: Thoughtful people tend to think that most others are thoughtful and won’t be swayed by the loud, crazy, bigoted morons of the world. This concern is an error. Since shouting idiots (those whose arguments are based on bigotry, ignorance, and how loudly they can shout) are shouting only to incite other idiots to join them, the only way to win is to shout loudly as well. It’s not the reasonable-minded people we have to worry about. It’s the high conversion rate of less-than-reasonable people into even more shouting bigots.

So I say this: Shout reason. Shout loud. If for no other purpose than to drown out the siren call of the insane bigots that seek to take control and force their views upon their fellow citizens and the world at large.

Matt and I have decided we’ll be there. Hope to see some of you there too.

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