It’s been awhile since I posted and a few things have been going on lately that’ve been keeping me busy or demotivated (depending on the subject). I thought I’d post a brief update.

Web Site

You’ll notice a new look for my site. The theme is not mine, rather it’s a slightly customized version of the “monochrome” WordPress theme.

That’s right, I said WordPress. Drupal turned out to be a huge pain in the ass to maintain and is serious overkill for what I needed. Meanwhile, WordPress 3 (currently at release candidate 3) adds better support for static pages and custom menus. I spent some time migrating my information back to WordPress, choosing a theme I didn’t hate, and getting things generally back up and running again.

I have to say I’m much happier with WordPress. Drupal is overkill and quite contrary.


Bartas Technologies endeavors are chugging along at a slow but mostly-steady pace. XTabulator and Transcriva updates are in the pipeline. More than that is in the pipeline too, but that’s for a later date.


I’m still with Zendesk, despite my misgivings over the pricing debacle. Things seem to be working well enough, but my opinion of the company is still definitely shaken. I’ve decided they’ll keep my business for now, however.

Home Life

As with any home, there are happy moments and unhappy moments. I’ve had plenty of both over the last few weeks with family drama, relationship growth (not a snarky comment, but rather the reality), and some good times. I’m more or less in reasonably high spirits, though there are still things to work on. I’m inclined to label that normal.

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