Comedy Censored

Regarding the censored South Park episode aired last night … What Comedy Central did was cowardly, shameful, senseless, and wrong.

I make no secret about my opinions of organized religion. I have nothing against those who practice a faith that holds them to peace and tolerance, but I hate zealots and extremists who twist intentions to their prejudice and intolerance with all my being (that goes as much for Christianity as it does for Islam). My opinion is not an ignorant criticism of Muslims, it’s about Comedy Central’s reaction to extremist assholes spouting shit from their mouths.

The censorship wasn’t about offending a religion (if you know anything about South Park, you know that’s true – the show offended every religion), this was shameful cowardice at its worse. Even the end speech about fear was censored and it had no reference to the sacred cow of Islam. Comedy Central has shamed its country plain and simple. I’m so god damned disappointed we have so publicly bowed to the mere threat of terrorism over free speech.

For fucking shame, Comedy Central.

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