The Perfect Candidate

Got some spam today. First the comedy, then the drama.

Dear Joshua Nozzi: After reviewing your resume at the Careerbuilder website we are confident you meet our requirements for a financial manager position …

Dear [redacted]: After reviewing your e-mail, I am confident that you meet the requirements for a spammer. DIAF, KTHXBYE.

I’m becoming increasingly tired of Careerbuilder and Monster. I keep a profile on these sites primarily because I’m open to contract work on the side. The sheer volume of spam I get from those either outright lying like the asshole above, or those who merely match one or two keywords to my resume and send me a completely irrelevant job posting.

In either case it’s obvious they didn’t read my resume or profile at all, then they had the nerve to blast myself and god knows how many others with their “job posting”. It’s undeniably spam and Careerbuilder and Monster allow it.

Thanks, guys, for demonstrating how low a value you place on professionals’ time. That makes my next move that much easier.

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