Transcriva 2 Named Apple Staff Pick

Apple named Transcriva 2 (2.014) as a Staff Pick on the Productivity Tools section of their download site. It’s always nice to know the “Mothership” is watching.

For those unfamiliar, Transcriva is transcription software for the Mac. It’s a low-cost, high-organization alternative to voice recognition packages (we hates them, we hates the voice recognition packages!) for those who want or are legally obligated to transcribe things manually.

I’ve only had one other application (well, a plug-in, really) receive this honor, and that was Ziplight, which of course is now superfluous. Though I don’t win a prize or anything (please, Apple, give us at least a keychain-sized anodized-aluminum cube), it does give me an oddly disproportionate dose of pride.

Good thing, too – I’ve been griping all day about my splitting headache.

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