Religious Counter-Point

I want to say a few things about my last post. Specifically, I don’t believe all followers of organized religions are crazy assholes. In fact, I respect some of those I know personally. Also, the same (crazy asshole) is true of atheists. Let me explain.

I almost view atheism as an organized religion unto itself. A year (or two) ago, some people whom I respect for their wit became quite upset with me because I defended a Christian’s right to faith. These men are atheists. More than that, I discovered at that moment they were the militant, crazy, douchebag type of atheist. No matter how much I argued that they can no more disprove a higher power than the faithful can prove it, they insisted that a higher power is “scientifically impossible”.


How do you go from “there’s no proof God exists” to “that God hasn’t been proven means it’s impossible for him to exist”? The mind boggles. Unfortunately, while mine was boggling, I was being berated for defending a “sacred cow”.

I never said I believe in a magical Jewish sky carpenter who is the son of God and my only salvation (because I don’t). I never said I know there is a God (because I don’t). I never said or even implied that I was offended that others don’t believe God to be possible. All I said (in excruciating detail to avoid my words being picked apart by angry jackals) was I personally believe there is some sort of higher power, but aside from my “belief”, I’m forced to admit there may or may not be, that there is no proof either way.

Then I was beaten with the “you can’t prove a negative” argument. It’s quite correct. However, it doesn’t mean that lack of proof is itself proof. I calmly reiterated my points. This only continued to whip them up into a frenzy. They (mis)quoted scientific principles to me, applying them blindly as “the faithful” often misquote random, off-topic Bible quotes to justify whatever position they happen to be taking (even if it contradicts an earlier point they made). When I stood my ground, they began insulting me personally. They abandoned their argument and accused me of ‘just liking to argue’. If I hadn’t been so appalled by their vindictive behavior, it would almost have been amusing how blindly hypocritical they were.

I lost a few friends that day. I learned they were just as militant and unwilling to listen to reason as the religious nut-bags they despise so much. Good riddance.


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