Snow Leopard & Consistency

Even after using it for months, I’m still noticing things on Snow Leopard that make me wonder if 10A432 really should have been the GM release. I think a little bit more polishing should’ve been done before release. My list of (mostly nontrivial) bugs are still “open”.

Don’t get me wrong, Snow Leopard is an amazing and healthy step forward for Mac OS X, but I’ll cite only one example that sums up my point: the Help Book Viewer.

Specifically, its lack of navigational track pad gesture support. I’ve become quite used to gesturing forward-and-backward navigation in Safari and even Xcode. I spent the last week working on and proofing the XTabulator 2 help book and really missed this ability in the Help Book Viewer. It seems like such a glaring omission to a regular track pad user, especially since gestures get first-class treatment in NSResponder in Snow Leopard.

I have other issues (why does 10.6 refuse to save my Active Directory login credentials in the keychain, for example?), but I won’t waste words on them. Rather, I encourage anybody noticing quirky little things like this to file those bugs on radar.

Help Book UI – rdar://7182036

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