I am an experienced Cocoa / Objective-C / Swift software developer, UI designer, and published technical author. My work has been cited, reviewed, and favorably mentioned by a variety of print and web publishers, including those in the scientific community.

I am focused on the design and development of applications for macOS (née Mac OS X) and iOS and have been building Cocoa applications since the initial release of Mac OS X 10.0.


  • Nozzi, J (2011). Mastering Xcode 4: Develop and Design. Berkley, CA: Peachpit Press.

  • Roederer, Mario, Nozzi, J. L., and Nason, M. X. “SPICE: Exploration and Analysis of Post-cytometric Complex Multivariate Datasets”. Cytometry Part A 79A.2 (2011): 167-74. Print.

Employment History

National Institutes of Health, NIAID

Software Engineer
June, 2011 to Present

I continue to support and improve SPICE (see previous position below), reporting directly to the Senior Investigator of the of the Vaccine Research Center’s Immunotechnology Section.

Peachpit Press

October, 2010 to August, 2011

I wrote Mastering Xcode 4: Develop and Design, an intermediate-level book about version 4 of Apple’s IDE, published by Peachpit.

National Institutes of Health, NIAID

Senior Scientific System Analyst / Software Engineer
April, 2007 to May, 2011

As a software engineer for the Bioinformatics and Computational Biosciences Branch (BCBB), I built SPICE — a Mac OS X bioinformatics data mining and visualization application for the Vaccine Research Center. I also designed the user experience for FERMS and PaVE (internal projects).

Bartas Technologies

Owner / Software Engineer
June, 2002 to Present

I built Bartas as an independent software developer and released a series of successful, award-winning titles: CopyWrite, Transcriva, Temporis, XTabulator, and Ziplight.

Franklin County Career & Technology Center

Adult Education Instructor
Summer, 1996 & Summer, 1997

I designed and led two evening courses aimed at working adults with little to no computer experience. The courses were titled “Hands-On Internet” and “Introduction to Personal Computers.”

Various Companies

IT Manager / Network Engineer / Rogue Developer
1996 to 2007

I’ve worked in various industries — manufacturing, engineering, technical consulting, and finance. I’ve designed and built intranet and public web sites, public touch-screen kiosks, and replaced expensive outsourced services with cheaper, in-house solutions. In short, I’ve worn nearly every hat in the IT industry prior to becoming a full-time software developer.

References available upon request.